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Berkarya by : Putu Adi.

12 Track . Alternative Rock . 2021

1. Berkarya by : Putu Adi

2. Ku tau kau tau itu by : Putu Adi

3. Indah terasa by : Putu Adi

4. Selalu satu by : Putu Adi

5. Tanpa Arti by : Putu Adi

6. Ruang Khayal by : Putu Adi

Tentang Album

Berkarya by Putu Adi. @2021

2020 was finally supposed to be a year of touring. When all the craziness started to happen I immediately thought of making another record, although it turned out to be more difficult than ever.

I think I was still exhausted from all the work that went into 'Nothing Lasts, Nothing's Lost' and I couldn't really finish any new music. I had a little breakthrough around May, when 'Moon Ghost' was written.

This song was born out of the uncertainty towards my relationship with the internet and the polarizing influence that it had, both on me and the people around. In order to save my mental health I started a few months long digital detox, which I think was crucial to write the track and to gain a clearer perspective into my relation with the online world.

The live version of this song is a stripped-down one, kept in a minimal form while the original one is its opposite - it also features a different singer. I didn't feel like I was ready to put out a 'proper' single this year, but this little live version felt like something fun and challenging to do.

Anyway, this brought us to the live album. We started practicing the songs around late August. Seeing each other regularly at the rehearsal space gave the feeling of 'normality' which I think all of us needed. I don't honestly remember the last time when we've practiced so hard - it was so cool!

We rented a theatre and recorded the performance on October 10th. Right after the recording was done, I spent all these weeks putting the video together and mixing the tracks which were 'finished' a few hours ago, as I'm typing this right before making the album public hahah. Sorry for so many wooooooords, I guess it's because of that coffee. I'll stop now. Thank you so much for your continuous support. I am truly, truly grateful. Hope you enjoy the performance.

P.S. please keep in mind that we also filmed the whole set, the video is up on youtube :-)

- Mixed & Mastered by Putu Adi.
- Artwork by Martyna Gadziała
- Performed & recorded at My House @Bali

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Putu Adi - Berkarya
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